Man arrested for drunk driving tells Abilene police he had 'at least 10 beers'

    Luis Enrique Rodriguez (Taylor County Jail)

    A man arrested for drunk driving told Abilene police that he had "at least 10 beers," according to an arrest report.

    Police say Luis Enrique Rodriguez, 26, was driving "at a dangerously high rate of speed" when they tried to pull him over around 12:30 a.m. Friday in the 1800 block of N. 18th Street.

    Rodriguez drove through the intersection at Grape Street and turned left onto Mulberry Street. He pulled into a driveway and turned off his headlights.

    But that did not fool police.

    Police say Rodriguez failed the field sobriety tests.

    According to the arrest report, Rodriguez also took a breathalyzer which said his BAC was .186. That is more than twice the legal limit.

    After being read his Miranda Rights, the report says Rodriguez told police that he had "at least 10 beers" at a nightclub and was on his was to his mother's house.

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