Exclusive Interview: Abilene murder suspect maintains innocence


ABILENE, Texas - The voice of Damian Scott Cate, the 22-year-old Abilene man accused of murdering his newborn baby, crackled through a cold jailhouse phone Thursday morning as he provided his details of the homicide.

He maintained that he is innocent.

KTXS went to the Taylor County Jail to speak with Cate three days after his arrest late Monday evening. We asked what went through his mind as he was placed in handcuffs and told he was charged with murder after police found the body of his baby in a trash can.

"I was just like, ‘What am I getting arrested for? I ain't do nothing,'" Cate said behind millimeters of glass in a visitation booth. When asked who committed the crime, he said, "I don't know."

Cate's girlfriend and birth mother of the deceased child, 18-year-old Amber Craker, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the same homicide. Cate said he met Amber about two years ago on Facebook and moved in with her family in November 2014.

We asked Cate what he would tell Craker if he could talk to her.

"I'd ask her why she done this stuff," Cate said quickly.

An Abilene police arrest report says Cate admitted to holding the baby while Craker caused obvious injuries. He refuted that statement Thursday and said the only time he saw the baby was when police showed him photos.

He says there's no way he killed that baby.

"It was already dead, I never heard it cry, I never heard it do nothing," Cate alleged.

"When I went in and took the sheets off the bed, I still never seen no baby or no trash can, so I don't know where it was at."

Cate said Craker was complaining about stomach pains before the weekend, but by Sunday the pain had become unbearable.

"She ran to the bathroom and called me in there and I said, ‘That's no accident,'" Cate said, outlining the events that transpired before police were alerted to the homicide. "We kept saying, ‘You need to quit bleeding, what's going on with you?'"

He said he worked with Amber's parents to clean up the blood before Amber passed out and fell on a coffee table.

Craker was taken to the hospital, and doctors determined she had just given birth. When they noted that she did not have an infant with her, they contacted law enforcement.

Police obtained a search warrant for the residence on South 25 th Street and found evidence that Craker had just given birth. A plumber was called to the scene and found a blockage in a sewer pipe. That blockage turned out to be placenta and tissue from the birth.

Continuing their search, police officers eventually found the deceased baby girl.

"They [found] it in a trash can," Cate said. "I didn't have [any] idea."

Cate said Craker's parents have not contacted him since his arrest. He said he hopes he can rejoin them in the residence.

Cate said he still loves Amber. They are both still in Taylor County jail on bonds totaling $300,000, but he cannot see her.

He said he knows she is scared.

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