Fiancee of Abilene homicide victim reveals that he was shot over a twin mattress

It has been a week since Kara Box was sitting on the side of the road covered in her fiance Aaron Howard's blood.

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Box said that the article of trash that started the deadly argument between her fiance and John and Michael Miller was a twin mattress.

“We still can’t wrap our heads around it,” Box said.

Box told KTXS News that this was the first interaction that Howard had with his neighbors.

“That day,” said Box. “The first time they had ever talked.”

Box said that the argument escalated in a way that she never could have imagined, with the Millers pulling out guns and Howard wielding a baseball bat.

"He [Howard] didn’t even swing it, he threw it over both of their heads and it landed behind them in the alley,” Box said. “That’s when the old man fired past my face and shot Aaron in the chest twice with the pistol.”

After that, Michael proceeded to fire at Howard for himself.

“His son fired with a shotgun and I guess it was a scattershot because it took his eye, the top of his head, his ear,” said Box.

Box and Howard were together for nearly two years and helped each other through their personal struggles in life, such as Howard's lifelong battle with mental health issues.

“He had what’s called IED (intermittent explosive disorder), but he was getting help for it," Box said.

Box is coming to her deceased fiance's defense for those who may not have seen Howard the way that she did.

“It’s like judging someone for having cancer or diabetes, 'Well, just stop having it,' that’s not how it works," said Box.

Box now looks down at her engagement ring, a constant reminder that Howard is still with her and pushing her to be the best version of herself that he knew that she could be.

Both John and Michael Miller were charged with first-degree murder, but they have since been released from jail on bond.

KTXS News spotted Michael Miller outside of his house on Friday morning, who had no comment.

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