Goldsboro man, 71, indicted for murder at Big Country ranch south of Abilene

Phillip Roberts Aldridge

A Goldsboro man was indicted for murder after allegedly driving over and dragging "an associate" with a vehicle on a ranch near Lawn and roughly 30 miles south of Abilene.

Phillip Roberts Aldridge, 71, of Goldsboro, was indicted on Thursday by a Taylor County Grand Jury for the murder of Tony Elkins in November.

According to a court document, in November of 2017, members of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the Sander's Ranch in south Abilene.

Deputies reportedly found Elkins' body in the middle of a road on the ranch and evidence that he had been "run over" by a vehicle.

The evidence that deputies found revealed that Elkins had been run over "possibly more than once" and his body was dragged for a short distance.

An autopsy report revealed that Elkins "died of blunt force trauma" from being hit by the vehicle.

Witnesses reported to deputies that Elkins and Aldridge were seen together at the ranch earlier in the day.

Witnesses also reported that Elkins and Aldridge drank alcoholic beverages and left together at around 2:30 p.m. in Aldridge's vehicle.

One witness said that they saw the vehicle appearing to exit and then they saw the vehicle turn around and drive back to the property, where Elkins' body was later found.

Elkins was reportedly found dead around 3:15 p.m.

The vehicle that witnesses said that they saw leaving was reportedly at Aldridge's home.

According to deputies, the vehicle had some "body damage," as well as "blood and hair" at the front of the vehicle.

Aldridge's bonds total $57,500.

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