Friend of man murdered at Abilene apartment complex: 'He was a brother to me'

A close friend of the man who was murdered Saturday at an Abilene apartment complex is devastated.

Fabio Scaief said he learned what happened in a text.

“Our friend Chance got killed,” said Scaief.

23-year-old Chance Bonni was shot in the chest after answering the door during a small party at the Stonegate Apartments.

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Scaief went to Cooper High School with Bonni. They bonded over their love of soccer and being rescued from bad situations in their home countries.

“When we were young we struggled a lot so somebody adopted us and we have a better life," said Scaief.

Scaife is originally from Brazil and Bonni from Africa.

Two men, brought to the United States for a chance at a better life.

“[Chance] was a brother to me. He helped me a lot whenever I moved here. He always had my back for anything. If I needed him, he always would do for me anything,” said Scaife.

Scaief is heartbroken but he's hanging onto three words he'll always associate with Bonni.

“Trust, brother, and love,” said Scaief.

According to Abilene police, the shooting was related to drugs being sold at the apartment, not a random act of violence.

Police are looking for two suspects.

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