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How to keeps your new year fitness resolution goals

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”Personally, I gave up pretty quickly because I was just watching different YouTube videos, I was trying to do my nutrition plan on my own,” said Mellisa Spykes, a Personal Trainer at Crunch fitness.

New year, new me is what most people say around new year. especially when it comes to fitness. However, fitness experts say over 80 percent of fitness new year resolutions fail. Jason Hernandez, the group fitness coordinator of Crunch fitness tells us how people can stick to their fitness plan.

“I think in order for people to stick to their plan is just to come to a class. Once they get to a class, it’s like we take care of the motivation, the enthusiasm, the vibes. Really when you get to a class in group fitness, and it is for you, then of course you're gonna keep coming, you’re gonna see those results with each class that you take,” said Hernandez.

Another key factor to sticking to your new year fitness plan is to set an attainable fitness goal and schedule. Life factors like work, school, children, and family can deter people from reaching their health objective. Personal Fitness Training Director, Melissa Spykes, explains the different reasons why people are interested in fitness for the new year

“Normally, the new year, new me, everybody makes their new year's resolution. They wanna lose 15-20 pounds. A lot of people are prepping for their summer vacations, some people are going on cruises to the beach, to see family that they haven’t seen in a long time. And they wanna surprise them,” said Spykes.

Bryce Mcgough- a gym member, tells us his new year resolution and how he will reach that goal.

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“My new year resolution, I would say I want to get a little bigger. Just be consistent. I know for a lot of people, consistency is the hard part,” said the Crunch gym member.

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