Hundreds still without power in Eastland County

Hundreds of people in Eastland County are continuing to live with the effects of Wednesday's ice storm as they still find themselves without power.

Katie Daniels and her family have been without power for three days now as a result of the ice storm.

"I have a son who is 6 and he is autistic, and we have been without power for 2 days now, they told us noon today when it would be back on, but it's not back on right now," said Daniels.

All around Eastland County, there are trees with broken branches and downed power lines. Ken Harriss, an area manager with Oncor, said his crews are working tirelessly to get the power restored.

"We have plenty of resources, we are working around the clock, these guys are doing a tremendous job," said Harriss.

Oncor has gone from having 11,000 outages at the peak of the storm to just 708 of them Friday afternoon.

However, those without water and sufficient heat in their homes can't help but think that the company's employees are slacking.

"Oh yeah, especially since we saw them sitting down at Walmart and they are just standing around talking and we have no power you know," Daniels said.

"They are doing their job, what we are trying to do is find out where those locations are so that we know how many crews to put in that area," Harriss said.

KTXS News has been told that sometime on Saturday morning, most of Oncor's customers in Eastland County will have their power restored.

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