Inmate accused of killing Abilene corrections officer will not testify

Dillon Gage Compton, the inmate accused of killing an Abilene corrections officer, will not testify in his capital murder trial.

Compton is charged with the 2016 murder of Marianne Johnson.

"You decision will not be held against you," Judge Brooks Hagler told Compton in court on Thursday.

Compton and his defense team then discussed whether he should take the stand and ultimately decided against it.

The defense called three witnesses to the stand on Thursday morning.

Hubert Woodward, an inmate at the French Robertson Unit, testified he would keep look out when Johnson and Compton would go to the back of kitchen to have sex.

Woodward said he kept watch for Johnson and Compton "no less than three and no more than four or five times" during a 30-day period.

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