It is not too late to get a flu shot


    Even though the flu has not hit Texas all that hard this flu season, doctors are still recommending that people get the flu shot before it is too late.

    Beth Lantrip, an Infection Preventionist from Hendrick Medical Center, said that right now is the calm before the storm when it comes to flu cases in Texas.

    "We don't believe we've hit our peak yet in Texas and certainly in our region. We tend to have a later flu season,” Lantrip said.

    After dealing with a bad case of the flu, Ava Porterfield has not missed getting a flu shot in over 20 years.

    "A headache, fever, vomiting and all that. It's nasty," said Porterfield, who has gotten the flu in the past. "Anyone who goes out in public and works in the public should get a flu shot.”

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 13 children across the country have died from the flu this flu season and 30 states have reported widespread flu activity.

    "For the elderly population, anyone over 65 and anyone younger than 5, those are the people that are the most vulnerable to the flu," Lantrip said.

    Lantrip recommends for people to get their flu shot if they have not already done so yet for this flu season.

    “It does take up to a week or two to become effective, so the sooner you can get that vaccine, the better the production will be," Lantrip said.

    Besides getting the flu shot, people should be sure to wash their hands and wipe down surfaces constantly.

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