Law enforcement personnel from all over Texas attend Donna Doss' memorial service

People from all over the State of Texas attended fallen Border Patrol Agent Donna Doss' memorial service in Abilene on Friday, and among those attending the memorial service included State Rep. Stan Lambert.

"This is always a sad occasion when we lose one of our first responders," said Lambert. "Mrs. Doss, I didn't know her personally, but just knowing a little bit about her family and background. Just the fact that she was just working with our local law enforcement to try to deal with a certain situation out near Tye just breaks our heart. We know that the family is here and we just want to pay our respects."

There was a heavy police presence at the memorial service.

Along with the Abilene Police Department, there were also police departments that came from as far away as Dallas to come pay their respects to Doss.

State troopers, Border Patrol agents and Air Force personnel were also present at the memorial service.

"Well, this is a brotherhood, we know, and they stick very close together, so anytime you see and experience something like this, we know that the first responders are going to be here. They're going to pay their last respects and they are going to give her the send-off that she deserves," Lambert said.

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