Local volunteer fire departments host annual Fire & Ice Feast

Local volunteer fire departments host annual Fire & Ice Feast

Volunteer fire departments south of Taylor County held their 9th annual Fire & Ice Feast on Sunday to raise funds, which benefit Lawn, Tuscola, Buffalo Gap, and Moro.

Hundreds attended to show their support on Super Bowl Sunday.

They had thirty cooking teams that served different types of food. The menu included everything from barbecue sandwiches, deer quesadillas, to frog legs and even fried alligator.

Over the years the Fire & Ice Feast has raised over $300,000.

The event is free to the public. The money that they raise comes from donations, sponsorships and auctions.

Stacy Patterson said she has been attending the event every year.

“It allows them to obtain equipment that maybe they possibly couldn't get or add the money to grants that they've gotten to be able to get new vehicles, equipment, breathers, suits, hats and everything like that,” Patterson said.

Patterson said everyone is treated like family at the event.

Sheryl McGee said she loves attending the feast because everyone needs their local volunteer fire department at some point.

“We just think that it's a great event, and it's for a good cause,” McGee said. “Everybody is out here having a good time and enjoying themselves and the food is wonderful and everybody treats you so kindly.”

The event had more than 600 people on Sunday, and it will take place again next year.

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