Man arrested for gruesome 2004 murder, extradited to Abilene

Kenneth Dean Pounds

Accused of cutting an Abilene man’s neck in 2004 to “put him out of his misery,” a murder suspect is finally behind bars more than 13 years later.

Kenneth Dean Pounds, 54, was arrested Wednesday in Friendswood – southeast of Houston. He was extradited to Abilene on Thursday. He is being held in the Taylor County Jail on $100,000 bond.

Pounds is accused of killing Garrett D. McMahan on Oct. 8, 2004.

According to the arrest warrant, Pounds and another man, Raymond Ray Hirsch, killed McMahan at McMahan’s apartment in the 4000 block of South 7th Street.

Police said they found a “box blade knife” at the scene and DNA that linked Hirsch to the knife which was used to cut McMahan’s throat in two places.

Pounds told his ex-wife that Hirsch got into a fight with McMahan and “tried to kill him with a razor knife,” according to the warrant. Pounds said when Hirsch couldn’t finish the job, he cut McMahan’s neck a second time to “put (McMahan) out of his misery.”

They took the bloody clothes to Hirsch’s mom’s house and she burned them, according to police.

Pounds and Hirsch then left Abilene, “moving from town to town not wanting to stay in one place for very long.”

One of the stops was in Oklahoma where both men were arrested. Pounds bonded out. But Hirsch got into a jail fight that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He later died.

When police questioned Hirsch’s mom about the bloody clothes, she said “her son is now dead and he cannot hurt anyone else.”

Abilene police contacted Friendswood police Wednesday after learning Pounds was living there. They arrested him during a traffic stop.

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