Man dials 911, is linked to Abilene robbery by responding officer


After dialing 911 and asking to speak to a police officer, a man ended up behind bars after the responding officer recognized items that linked him to a Tuesday robbery.

Abilene police responded to a 911 call for reckless injury in the 200 block of North Arnold Blvd. at about 8 p.m. Wednesday and found 42-year-old Rodney Jermaine Briley.

According to a police report, the responding officer had worked a robbery call at the location Tuesday night. When speaking to Briley, the officer recognized several items of clothing that led him to believe Briley was the suspect from the robbery.

Police contacted the victim and showed her a lineup, and she positively identified Briley as the person that robbed her at gunpoint.

Briley was asked to go to the Law Enforcement Center in Abilene for further questioning, and he agreed, according to the report.

At the LEC, Briley consented to a search and police observed a small object in his sock.

The report goes on to say that Briley started "acting strange" and was asked to place his hands behind his back. Before an officer could restrain him, Briley dropped to the floor and reached for the object, which police say was methamphetamine in a plastic baggie.

Briley then ate the methamphetamine and bit an officer on his arm while he tried to keep the evidence from being destroyed.

Police arrested Briley and he was charged with robbery, tampering with evidence, and assault of a public servant. He is being held at the Taylor County Jail with bonds totaling $45,000.

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