Multiple animal carcasses found on Industrial Boulevard

A family on an afternoon walk down Industrial Boulevard came across a frightening scene.

On Sunday, Kierra Mayhall and her family stumbled across multiple deceased animals scattered on the side of the road.

"It was pretty disturbing and concerning for us to see that on the side of the road. We thought they were poisoned at first," said Mayhall.

Mayhall explained how she has seen a large number of coyotes and foxes around the neighborhood lately.

"People have been concerned about it and I was worried if someone had took it into their own hands," Mayhall said.

Texas Game Warden James Cummings, who is investigating the incident, tells us there are no signs of foul play.

"What it appears to be is some people have gone on a predator hunt, either an established hunt for a competition, a youth hunt or just out by themselves and they dumped the carcasses of their harvest animals here," said Cummings.

This is not uncommon. A predator hunt is when hunters kill animals considered harmful to farmers, ranchers and even homeowners.

"If suddenly these go away, your cats, your dogs, your farmers, your ranchers, their livestock, you know? This helps keep the coyote, bobcat and fox population suppressed," Cummings said.

However, after a predator hunt, you need to have permission to dump the animals' remains, regardless if it is on private or public property.

"If they didn't, what we have here is illegal dumping. Anything over 5 pounds is a Class B misdemeanor and that's like 6 months in jail and a large fine. I easily have 5 pounds here," Cummings said.

In this case, Warden Cummings found four foxes, two coyotes, two raccoons and one bobcat.

Warden Cummings is now investigating this case to see if the dumping of the animal carcasses was, in fact, legal.

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