Indictment: Murder suspects went to apartment to rob Cooper graduate

    Chance Bonni and his girlfriend

    Two of the four people accused of killing an African refugee and Cooper High School graduate said they were just going to the apartment to commit a robbery and that no one was supposed to get hurt.

    Johnathan Dwayne Williams, Jr., 18, Xavier Mushawn Applin, 17, and Chassidy Cheyann Pimpton, 21, were indicted Thursday for murder.

    Police say they shot Chance Bonni, 23, in the chest with a shotgun on Aug. 18 at the Stonegate Apartments.

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    According to the indictment, Williams told police that he, Applin and four others planned to rob the people there..

    Williams said knew the robbery would "hit a good lick" because he had been told shoes, marijuana and cash were in the apartment.

    Williams told police that Pimpton drove them to the complex and waited in the car.

    Everyone wore hoodies and bandannas over their face.

    According to Williams, Applin and another member of the crew went upstairs and knocked on Bonni's door.

    Applin said the plan was to "enter the apartment and have everyone sit on the couch at gunpoint" while others grabbed as much as they could.

    Instead, Williams -- who was waiting on the next floor down -- said he head a gunshot.

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    Williams said "it wasn't supposed to go down like that," according to the indictment. He felt sorry for the person who got shot and he regretted it.

    A fourth suspect -- an unnamed juvenile -- was also arrested.

    Williams, Applin and Pimpton are all being held on $150,00 bond.

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