People flock to the Abilene Animal Shelter to name their own pet adoption fees


    It was a rare sight at the Abilene Animal Shelter on Friday when the shelter's lobby was filled with people who wanted to adopt some of their animals.

    Sherry and her two daughters came to the Abilene Animal Shelter to adopt a dog.

    The City of Abilene put out the word that the Abilene Animal Shelter was filled to capacity and that they needed to make room for more animals or they would start having to euthanize some of the animals that they already have at the shelter.

    "I don't like animals being put down," Sherry said.

    Mercedes and her husband, Dalton, came to adopt Roscoe, a skittish German Shepherd that they saw on the Abilene Animal Shelter's website.

    "We have previous experience with German Shepherds," said Mercedes.

    The City of Abilene is allowing people to name their own prices for animal adoptions in the hopes of emptying out their kennels.

    The Abilene Animal Shelter was filled to capacity on Thursday.

    "Yesterday, we had 33 dogs brought into the shelter, whether that was one surrender or from the field Animal Control officers picking up animals," said Jackie Hernandez, the supervisor of the Abilene Animal Shelter. "We had 10 adoptions in the last two hours today alone."

    January and February are typically the months where Abilene Animal Services see a high number of animals being dropped off by people, but this year, the number of animals that got dropped off during those months was higher than usual.

    The reason that the number of animals being dropped off is so high during the first two months of the year has to do with the fact that after the holidays, some people decide that they do not want to keep a pet that they got as a holiday gift.

    "Not realizing how time-consuming training a puppy can be, potty training," Hernandez said.

    The Abilene Animal Shelter is also offering free vaccines, free spaying and neutering, microchips and free pet insurance for 30 days.

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