Recommended Abilene ISD school bond set at nearly $137 million

Taxpayers in Abilene could vote on a proposed school bond that is worth nearly $137 million in the fall.

After four months of touring campuses, considering projects and conducting a survey, the Master Planning Committee has prioritized the projects that in their eyes, the Abilene Independent School District needs the most.

“We came to the conclusion and came up with our recommendations that were presented,” said Master Planning Committee Chair Cary Etter.

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The recommendations that the Master Planning Committee made included replacing Austin Elementary School, Taylor Elementary School, and Dyess Elementary School, improving Abilene High School and Cooper High School’s Athletic and Fine Arts Facility, making updates to Shotwell Stadium, making updates to the Middle School Athletic and Fine Arts Facilities, HVAC capital improvements and creating a new Career and Technology Education Center.

“They do not need to charge us no more money," said concerned Abilene resident Kay Strickland. “I’m not for no more bonds, I'll vote against them.”

However, Juanita Garcia feels differently about AISD's bond proposal.

“If the AISD recommends that they need it, then let's pay for it,” said Garcia. “I mean, it’s not like we are going to pay an extra $100 a month, you know? When you spread it among everybody, I think it’s a worthwhile cause."

If the AISD Board of Trustees decides to put the bond proposal as it stands now on the November ballot, Abilene homeowners would pay an extra $13 per month for every $100,000 that their home is worth.

“There is nothing in this that we have put forth in this bond package that is fluff,” Etter said. “It’s all very needed projects, viable projects that need to be done.”

The deadline to place the bond proposal on the November ballot is on August 20.

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