Record number of pets adopted in Abilene last year

Last year, a record number of pets were adopted out of the City of Abilene's Animal Services.

In 2017, 3,019 pets were adopted through the City of Abilene's Animal Services, which was a nearly 14 percent increase from the 2,653 pets adopted through the city in 2016.

The overall rate of positive outcomes, which includes pets being adopted, being returned to their owners, being rescued or being released into the wild, rose by 10 percent from the number of such occurrences in 2016. In 2017, 4,552 positive outcomes were recorded by Animal Services, compared to 4,138 such instances taking place in 2016.

Although the number of shelter intakes from 2016 to 2017 decreased, the City of Abilene's Animal Services only saw a 1.5 percent drop in this particular field, with 9,403 pets being taken in by Animal Services in 2017, as opposed to the 9,546 pets that were placed in the shelter in 2016. Close to 30 percent of all pets taken in by Animal Services are given up by their respective owners.

Right now, the Abilene Animal Shelter is having a sale on pet adoption fees through the end of the month. Adoption fees for cats and dogs have been reduced by $20, with the fee for dogs now being $60 and the fee for cats coming in at $50, both of which come with a $20 rebate to have the pets spayed or neutered.

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