Repairs force the closure of the pool at Abilene State Park

Nobody will be able to get a chance to cool off in the pool at Abilene State Park over the weekend.

The intense heat of the summer is hovering over the Big Country, but there was not a single soul floating around in the pool at Abilene State Park on Saturday morning.

“Right now, we are closed down while we are doing some repairs,” said Ryan Hunter, the Superintendent of Abilene State Park.

A drain line, which is a critical component in making sure that the pool operates properly, collapsed earlier in the week and Hunter told KTXS News that repairs on the pool at Abilene State Park are underway.

However, this is not the first time that an operational issue has caused the pool to be shut down.

“I believe in 2014, we had a pool leak that we worked on trying to repair,” Hunter said. “It closed us down for half a season and then the entire next year.”

Eventually, the pool was fixed and some upgrades were made to it as well, but it was not enough to prevent the pool from having to be put out of service again.

“Obviously, we weren't able to fix everything that needed to be fixed, so we are kind of dealing with the symptoms of that now," Hunter said. "Things of this age can break [at] any time."

The pool was built back in the 1930's and Abilene State Park has been trying to maintain the pool ever since the day it opened.

What is usually is one of the biggest and busiest weekends of the season at Abilene State Park has now become one of their emptiest weekends in terms of total campers at the park.

“We had lots of campers that did cancel their reservations for this weekend,” Hunter said. “So, the park is not nearly as full as it typically would be."

Hunter told KTXS News that a considerable amount of revenue is certainly being lost on a beautiful weekend at Abilene State Park, but he is optimistic that the pool will reopen sooner rather than later.

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