Severe weather season about to start in West Texas

Severe weather season is approaching West Texas and in order to prepare for the potential effects severe weather may have on the area, residents of Abilene participated in a citywide tornado drill Wednesday morning.

KTXS News spoke with Hector Guerrero, the Warning and Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service's San Angelo Weather Forecast Office, as to why it was so important for the people of Abilene to take part in the citywide tornado drill.

"You only have precious minutes to take cover, so it's really important to practice that beforehand until that tornado is actually bearing down on you," said Guerrero.

Severe weather season lasts until June in West Texas, with the region receiving tornadoes that usually register as EF0 or EF1 tornadoes on the Enhanced Fujita scale, which usually come along with 65 to 100 mph winds. However, stronger and deadlier tornadoes have carved their way through West Texas before.

Hector Guerrero advises everyone to have multiple ways to receive severe weather alerts in case certain lines of communication are interrupted by the effects of severe weather.

"Those zero to ones, although they are more common, we historically have had also the EF4's and 5's that have occurred in this part of Texas," Guerrero said. "It's so important to have at least two ways to receive a warning from the National Weather Service, you know. A weather radio is a good idea, CodeRED is a good idea, an app, just whatever it takes because you don't want to be surprised."

While tornadoes are considered to be a significant threat to life, limb and property, other severe weather threats such as large hail, high winds, lighting and flash floods should never be taken lightly and proper precautions should be taken to brace for the potential hazards such extreme kinds of weather could bring along with them.

Important tips on preparing for severe weather can also be found right here on the official KTXS website:

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