Students and parents panic over Abilene High School social media threat


    Students at Abilene High School were panicking on Wednesday morning.

    KTXS News spoke with two students who claim that a student reported to have seen what she thought was another student with a gun in his backpack.

    "Around second period, one of my friends saw a kid with a gun in his backpack," Kandice Galvin, a junior at Abilene High School, said.

    "I heard that there was a girl who saw a guy with a gun in his backpack," another student said.

    Frantic parents and legal guardians rushed to the school after hearing about the potential threat.

    "My grandson texted me that there were rumors of an active shooter," Dan Hutcherson, the grandfather of an Abilene High School student, said.

    The Abilene Police Department surrounded the school and found that there was never any threat.

    Authorities told KTXS News that the supposed threat stemmed from a post on social media suggesting that someone was going to be bringing a gun to school.

    According to Galvin, the supposed threat came from an upset student.

    "There was a fight yesterday between two people," said Galvin. "They're just targeting one of the victims of the fight."

    "There was a fight at Abilene High yesterday, and today, there was a rumor that another fight was going to occur related to yesterday's fight," Sgt. Joe Tauer of the Abilene Police Department said. "We actually had additional officers on site today to try and prevent another fight from occurring. Then a rumor got spread through social media that someone was going to bring a gun."

    Galvin, who is currently on crutches with an injured foot, worried about what would have happened to her if a school shooting really took place.

    "I'm just scared now because I can't run away," said Galvin. "If someone were to fire, I'd be left behind."

    Abilene ISD never put the school on lockdown during the situation.

    "There was no evidence that there was a gun brought on campus," said Tauer.

    However, several parents and legal guardians still decided to pick up their children from school early.

    Abilene High School is scheduled to continue to operate as it normally would on Thursday.

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