Swarms of grackles are causing mayhem throughout Abilene

The grackle problem in Abilene is not pretty, and even on a rainy day, the end result does not get washed away.

“They are everywhere," said one Abilene resident.

Lynn Gaston has learned to accept the grackles and their nasty ways.

“They are very noisy, they just wreak havoc," said Gaston.

Flocks of grackles are everywhere in Abilene, scavenging and dumpster diving wherever they land.

One of the reasons that grackles hang around parking lots is because it is near where their sources of food are.

“They dirty up your car as well," said Carol Geiser.

In the parking lot at the Goodwill store on Ridgemont Drive, grackles dirty up cars at both dawn and dusk.

“It’s crazy, it just kind of spooks you," Geiser said.

The MCM Elegante Suites has had to put up signs that warn guests to check where they park because of the grackles.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said that the exact number of grackles flying around is a difficult thing to record.

“They're listed as a bird if they gather in numbers, if they create a nuisance or health hazard, they can be controlled," said James Cummings of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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