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City of Abilene making greater improvements than in prior years

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(Scott Martin/ KTXS News)

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The city of Abilene is making a lot of advancements and improvements. From new infrastructure and developments, Abilene is in a greater position than prior years.

“In recent years, there have been more jobs added, the last four-and-a-half years specifically, there have been more jobs added, more jobs retained, than the previous 15 years,” said Anthony Williams, the Mayor of Abilene.

Downtown Abilene already has a lot of activities and with the help of infill redevelopment, the area will be blooming with more things to do and opportunities. The development of a new $81 million hotel will help the Big Country economically. Anthony Williams, the Mayor of Abilene, expresses how this hotel will assist the community by creating new jobs.

“We will have an additional 200-million-dollar investment in the near downtown area. The downtown hotel itself provides an additional 125 employees who make on the average 30 thousand dollars,” said Mayor Williams.

In addition to a new hotel, the city of Abilene has made a lot of improvements towards the water resources. About a decade ago, the three main sources of water for Abilene were barely able to produce any water. Now, Abilene is in a better position for water than any other community in west Texas.

“There’s enough water for the next 70 years,” said Mayor Williams.

The Cedar Creek Waterway Trail is also getting some enhancements. Concrete is finally being laid so Abilenians will be able to walk the trails safely.

“I think that it is very significant, and I think it's a good way to continue to have an opportunity to add quantitative life in our community,” said the Mayor of Abilene.

Abilene has already made a lot of improvements, and the future is bright for the economy and the residents who live here.

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