Thousands of students gather for Destination Imagination competition in Abilene

Thousands of brilliant students put their months of hard work to the test at the Fort Worth Regional Destination Imagination competition at McMurry University Saturday morning.

"We have an engineering challenge, a technical challenge, improv, service learning, fine arts and scientific," said Destination Imagination Tournament Director Trisha Eichler.

Destination Imagination is dedicated to teaching students skills like risk-taking, self-confidence and critical thinking, which are all greatly needed for students to succeed in school, their careers and beyond.

Students use the creative process to turn their ideas into reality. KTXS News spoke with Suzanne Jenkins, who believes the Destination Imagination organization gives her children a chance to take their scientific talents even further.

"It's a good outlet, it gives them that extra step to take it to the next level and to learn new things," said Jenkins.

There are nearly 200 teams competing in the event and teams who place first in their respective categories will advance to the state competition. If teams are lucky enough to advance past the state competition, the world is at their fingertips.

"And the best of those will then advance to the global competition and we get to compete against China, Guatemala, Korea, Qatar, a variety of other countries and all the other states as well," Eichler said.

Eichler believes that the Destination Imagination organization changes the lives of students everywhere.

"I have watched kids from the time they were little go all the way through this program and graduate high school. The change that you see in them is amazing," Eichler said.

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