Trash and medical waste found piled up on Buffalo Gap Road

A large pile of trash and medical waste covered the side of the road on the 5400 block of Buffalo Gap Road in south Abilene.

For people who drove by the site, it was almost impossible not to notice the massive cluster of waste.

Latex gloves were strewn everywhere, along with some empty glove boxes, at least one surgical mask, dental supplies and plastic bags, with at least one of those plastic bags containing an unknown substance inside of it.

What is perhaps the most alarming thing about the heap of rubbish is the shredded documents that could potentially contain personal and sensitive information mixed in with the waste, which were scattered all over the sidewalk.

KTXS decided to take a closer look to see what was on the shredded documents mixed in with the waste.

While KTXS did find some names and billing information on the shredded papers, no extremely sensitive pieces of personal information that could be used to commit fraudulent acts, such as Social Security numbers or birth dates, were found on the documents.

KTXS did find the name of a local orthodontist, Dr. Charles Taylor on some of the shredded papers and also on some discarded pieces of mail.

Taylor's office is a couple of blocks down the road from where all of the trash has been dumped.

KTXS paid a visit to Taylor's office and the office's manager told KTXS that they hired a janitorial company to clean up their office and take away their trash.

Taylor said that he had no comment on the garbage situation.

A short time later, KTXS ran into a worker from the same janitorial company that was hired to clean up Taylor's office who was beginning to pick up the waste on the side of the road.

The janitorial company employee had no comment when he was asked about how the trash from Taylor's office ended up two blocks away from the office on the side of the road.

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