Abilene man, woman in jail for credit card abuse & fraud

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ABILENE, Texas -- An Abilene woman and man are in jail for credit card abuse fraud.

Jose Luis Renteria, 26, and Kristy Flores-Garcia, 37, are both in the Taylor County Jail after police executed a search warrant at their house in north Abilene.

Police seized a Texas ID card, marijuana, six credit cards in other people's names, two printer cartridges, a thumb drive, a counterfeit check, and a social security card with another woman’s name on it, according to court documents.

The investigation began when a 68-year-old woman reported fraud on her husband’s credit/debit card. The woman said they had a loss of $3,795.74.

The woman later told officers that their bank had mailed them a new card and pin number to their old address in south Abilene, which they had not lived in since 2013.

Police found that house is unoccupied and Renteria and Flores-Garcia were the last known residents at that address.

The officer in the investigation contacted the First Financial Bank and reviewed photos of Renteria withdrawing $2,000 from their ATM.

Video footage also showed Renteria purchasing a vacuum, electronic tablet, printer, and Xbox console at two Walmart locations in late December.

Police identified Renteria’s vehicle and found it parked in front of their house in north Abilene. They also found out they lived together. Both Renteria and Flores-Garcia were arrested.

Renteria is being charged with credit or debit card abuse of an elderly, credit or debit card abuse, fraudulent use or possession of identifying info, and possession of marijuana.

Flores-Garcia is being charged with fraudulent use or possession of identifying info, and possession of marijuana.

Renteria is being held on bonds totaling at $28,500 and Flores-Garcia is being held on $11,000 bonds.

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