Victim's daughter: Abilene murder suspect told me he killed mom with cleaver

Timothy Jon Dwelle

The daughter of an Abilene woman who police said was killed and buried under a house said that she knows how her mom died.

According to court documents, Carol Rolin called Abilene police on Tuesday and said that Timothy Dwelle told her that he had killed her mother, Patricia Ford, with a cleaver.

Rolin recorded her conversation with Dwelle and turned it over to police.

Dwelle was arrested on Wednesday and charged with Ford’s murder.

Ford had been missing since September of 2016.

According to court documents, Dwelle also told Rolin that “he made a notch in the rocking chair” that Ford was sitting in “when he hit her” with the cleaver.

Crime scene photos show a notch in the frame of that particular rocking chair.

On May 7, police got a tip that Ford had been killed and buried under Dwelle’s house on the 1700 block of South 17th Street in south Abilene.

Ford had been known to stay at that house, according to court documents.

On June 28, authorities began digging under the floor of the home for traces of Ford.

Detectives found several bones that were later identified as "belonging to a human foot." DNA tests on the bones are pending.

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