Where in the world is Abilene Zoo Director Bill Gersonde?

Abilene Zoo Director Bill Gersonde

According to an anonymous Abilene Zoo staff member, Abilene Zoo Director Bill Gersonde has not been at work since an "all-staff meeting" was called on Tuesday.

The staff member told KTXS News that "an announcement was made" at the meeting, but that announcement is not being made available to the public.

Keep in mind that Gersonde's salary is being paid by local taxpayers.

Was Gersonde told not to report to work earlier this week?

If so, KTXS News wanted to know why.

First, KTXS News sent multiple emails to the City of Abilene asking a simple question, "Was Bill Gersonde placed on administrative leave?"

The answer from the City of Abilene?

"The City of Abilene does not comment on employment issues," the City of Abilene said in a statement provided to KTXS News.

KTXS News also reached out to some Abilene City Council members and Mayor of Abilene Anthony Williams about Gersonde's absence, and their responses were all the same, "I am going to refer you to city administration, I have no comment."

KTXS News then picked up the phone and called up several of the Abilene Zoo's board members, and surprisingly, many of them did not even know about Gersonde's absence from work.

However, one Abilene Zoo board member texted KTXS News and said, "Everything will be decided by November 27th."

KTXS News pushed for more answers from the unidentified Abilene Zoo board member, who replied with, "The city and the board will meet to discuss everything."

KTXS News then demanded even more answers from the incognito Abilene Zoo board member, who responded with, "The story will come after November 27th when the complaints have been fully investigated and the results released."

KTXS News also paid a visit to Gersonde's home not once, but twice this week, and even though that his car was in the driveway, nobody ever answered the door at the house.

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