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Why doesn't Abilene have a designated Martin Luther King Blvd?

(Scott Martin/ KTXS News){p}{/p}
(Scott Martin/ KTXS News)

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We celebrate and honor our great leaders of this country in many ways. One of the ways is by paying homage by naming a street after a historical leader. Many cities across the country have a MLK Blvd., however, Abilene does not.

“Here we are in 2023, and still no designated but yet honorary,” said Pastor Andrew Penns, the manager of Curtis House Cultural Center

While there is a bridge here in Abilene to honor the great Martin Luther King Jr., there is not a designated street named after him. Many people in the community feel like a bridge is not enough to honor the late MLK. Pastor Penns- the Manager of a Local cultural center, says, "I think it's time that we discuss and see how we can push forward in getting a designated MLK Blvd,” said the pastor.

Changing a street name is not an easy process. Adam Holland, the Planner for the City of Abilene, explains the steps that need to happen.

“The proponent who would want to apply for this would have to get a petition signed by at least 51% of owners of property on the proposed street,” said Holland.

“It requires a public hearing at the planning zoning commission and two public hearings at the City Council,” said Holland.

There are no records of anyone trying to change any street names to honor the late leader.

“To my knowledge, not that I'm aware of. They may have but we do not have it on record,” said the official.

Even though things like this don’t happen overnight, community members are hopeful that the city of Abilene will honor historical Black leaders the right way.

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