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Why you should tip local service workers in the Big Country

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(Chelsie Burroughs/ KTXS News)

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There are over 5 million American workers whose earnings are 60% reliant on customer tips. Due to the global impact of inflation those workers are now seeing a decrease in tips. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case here in Abilene.

“We understand that not everyone can leave a tip,” said the general manager of Roll Shack Downtown Abilene.

These days, making a living can be tough for everyone due to the current state of the economy. According to the New York Times, many people are not giving tips due to the cost of everything going up. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here in the Big Country. A local Abilenian, expresses why it is important to give tips to all servers.

“For starters, they get paid minimum wage and the tips make up for the loss of minimum wage, " said Fred Dameron, a local tipper. “The IRS looks at the receipts at the end of the day and says okay “you were here when $400 worth of business was done, therefore you left 40 bucks in tip,” said the Coffee Shop Customer.

The decrease of tips in other parts of the country will impact the food and hospitality industry. The service industry already has a high turnover and with less money going into workers pockets, it may cause them to not stick around for long. David Reynaud, a Monks Coffee Shop Customer, tells us even with inflation, if you cannot give a tip, you cannot afford eating out.

“I mean it’s the same as before, if you don’t have money to tip you really don’t have money to go out,” said David Raynaud. “If I’m in that position I would want to get compensated for my work,” said the Customer.

The General Manager of a local ice cream shop explains that inflation has not impacted him as an employee and that it’s not about the tips, it's about the customer’s satisfaction.

“For us it's about the service that we provide and the quality of the product,” said Allen Ledbetter, the General Manager of Roll Shack Downtown. “We really care about every single customer that does come in to spend their money with us and we can give them great service all the way around and a great product, " said Ledbetter.

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