Wintry weather conditions expected in Big Country could be both fun and frightful

With a potential wintry mix headed toward the Big Country, the Texas Department of Transportation has already been out treating the roads in the region.

Meanwhile, some are looking forward to the freezing rain and snow that is expected to hit the area.

The possibility of winter weather is music to 7-month-old Sebastian’s ears, and his owner, Jackson Martin, loves this kind of weather as well.

“We spend so much of the time in the heat here in Abilene that whenever we have a couple days of ice, I always enjoy it,” said Martin.

For those people that are hitting the roadways, Martin knows that it can also be very dangerous for drivers to navigate through the wintry weather conditions.

“It’s mostly just going slow enough, being careful with stopping or changing speeds,” Martin said.

Starting on Wednesday morning, residents of the Big Country could see a mix of snow and freezing rain, which could cause some problems on the roadways in the region.

According to Cheryl Sawyers, the Public Information Officer for TxDOT’s Abilene District, highways such as I-20, Winters Freeway, Highway 83/84 and Highway 277 in Abilene have been pre-treated with a brine solution.

The brine solution makes it a lot easier to break the tight bond of ice and snow and it can sometimes keep ice and snow from forming in the first place as well.

“We are on 24-hour operations until all the snow and ice is off the roads,” said Sawyers.

As for Sebastian, he is hoping that he can go out and play in the cold weather on Wednesday.

“We'll definitely take him out and let him play as much as he wants,” Martin said.

Martin is ready to make some winter memories with his best friend and hopes that everyone can stay safe during the wintry weather conditions that are expected on Wednesday.

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