Woman loses all of her pets & possessions to Jones County 335 grass fire

Tammy Casey was at work on Friday afternoon when she was alerted of a fire near her home in Abilene.

Casey immediately left from work to rescue her beloved pets, but it was too late to try and save them as authorities prevented her from trying to get to her house due to the intensity of the fire.

“The normal everyday things that you take for granted, I don't have that anymore, so I don't have anything,” Casey said.

After waiting for a while, Casey met up with her sister and was then given the heartbreaking news that the home that she was renting had burned to the ground, with all of her pets and belongings inside of it.

“My babies were in there,” Casey said. “I gotta get a place and start over.”

Along with losing her two dogs and two cats, Tammy lost all of her possessions with the exception of the clothes on her back.

Glenda Fuston and her husband had bought the brick home at the front of their property a few years ago with the hopes of renting it out and making some retirement money.

Fuston told KTXS News that she prayed that the house that she lived in would not go up in flames.

“Have your angels surround your home, 'cause I don't want to lose another home, 'cause we lost one 15 years ago with no insurance and it was devastating,” Fuston said.

Having been in the same dilemma that Tammy is now in only 15 years ago herself, Glenda wants to do everything that she can to help Tammy get back on her feet after the devastating blaze.

“I know her pain, you don't know it until you've been there,” Fuston said.

Glenda is offering her living room as a space for the community to donate items to Tammy and despite all of the destruction and devastation, both Tammy and Glenda are trying to keep a positive outlook on their daily lives.

Anybody who would like to donate anything to help Tammy Casey recover from her devastating losses in the fire is asked to send their donations to the Fuston’s home, which is located at 7549 County Road 245, Abilene, TX 79606.

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