Traffic woes: Intersection to close intermittently during Wylie ISD construction


Wylie ISD Superintendent Joey Light says construction on the new Wylie East Elementary School is on schedule and on budget, but that construction may soon cause traffic headaches for those nearby.

Residents who live near Maple Street and Colony Hill have been dealing with the construction around Wylie East Elementary for months now.

Courtney Epstein, a mother who lives nearby, says she takes that road every day to the current Wylie Elementary campus.

"I'm at least four times a day on that road, it is inconvenient," Epstein said.

Road closures at that intersection are set to begin any day now as part of an effort to re-construct the road to support the traffic that will soon be increasing in the area.

"Once the city folks are approving that traffic plan the contractor will get signage out notifying folks that it will be closed," Light said.

The city can close the roads with 48 hours notice, but the reconstruction of the intersection is expected to take less than 90 days.

Light says the intersection will not be closed for all of those 90 days, but will be closed intermittently.

This is all just another piece of the puzzle in completing the $45 million bond project approved this past November.

"This is one more step in trying to get this campus open by August 27th, which is the first day of school," Light said.

Epstein says it will all be worth it in the end.

"We just have to go through these years of transition. It's a little rough, but I think the end result is worth it," says Epstein.

"There are a lot of folks that are going in and out to do the construction and you know hopefully we'll be through in about a year, year and a half," Light said.

That's when Phase 2 of Wylie East Elementary and the Wylie East Junior High are expected to be completed.

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