Wylie ISD Assistant Superintendent testified about School Marshal Program

Wylie ISD’s Assistant Superintendent testified in front of a senate committee dedicated to school safety on Tuesday about the State of Texas' School Marshal Program.

This comes after a series of round table discussions that Governor of Texas Greg Abbott held after the deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe last month.

The Texas Senate Committee on School Safety held two hearings this week on Monday and Tuesday about preventing and responding to school shootings.

Craig Bessent, the Assistant Superintendent at Wylie ISD, said that he testified, answered questions and dispelled myths about the School Marshal Program.

"We talked about how they're trained, the requirements, they're licensed by the state, they're licensed peace officers, everything from the beginning to end," Bessent said.

Abbott first held a series of round table discussions on school safety in Texas last month, which Bessent attended, and Bessent said that this time around, the hearings focused on four areas to improve on in school safety procedures in Texas.

"Prevention, intervention, mitigation, and then if there's a disaster, go in a school district, you know, what are we gonna do to help that district through their [tragedy], kind of like [what] Santa Fe is going through [in] their process," Bessent said.

During the hearing, Bessent spoke about the selection process of school marshals and the kind of training that they receive to become certified as school marshals.

Bessent addressed questions about arming teachers by saying that he wants his teachers to focus on educating their students.

"We want teachers to teach, we want students to learn, we want it to be that pleasant, fun environment and we are going to worry about that stuff on our way," Bessent said.

In the future, Bessent said that he hopes that there will not be a need for school marshals.

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