Wylie student proclaimed Abilene hero after putting out fire


ABILENE, Texas -- A Wylie High School student is being honored for his heroic efforts after putting out a fire in his neighborhood.

"It was just the right thing to do,” said Wylie student Cody Davis.

On Jan. 31, a fence at Indian Wells caught fire after kids were playing with matches. David was walking in his neighborhood when he saw the smoke and took matters into his own hands.

"All of a sudden I heard screaming and yelling. I looked up in the air, saw smoke, and saw a man run to the side of the fence where the smoke was coming from," Davis said. "I figured at first that nobody could get to the fire so our best chance was me jumping over. I used my shirt for a while to prevent the fire from spreading any further on the fence and then a nice lady eventually did get me a hose and that is what eventually stopped the fire."

Without his quick thinking, firefighters said the fire would have spread and threatened four homes. That's why the Abilene Fire Department, Mayor Anthony Williams and Townsquare Media felt the need to recognize Davis at a ceremony in front of his classmates.

"As mayor, I salute him for his quick thinking and express my sincere appreciation for his unselfish act of bravery in an extreme dangerous situation. It is my honor to proclaim Cody Davis an Abilene hero," Williams said.

Davis was presented with a plaque from the mayor and a passport front from the Abilene Fire Department. He received a year supply of pizza from Black Box Pizza because the pizza he was eating at the time of the fire had been stepped on. Davis's shirt was ruined in the fire as well, so Townsquare Media gave him a gift card to buy new ones.

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