32 indicted by Taylor County grand jury


A Taylor County grand jury indicted 32 people Thursday on charges ranging from burglary of a habitation to injury to a child.

Those indicted include:

1. Willandra Hollis – possession of methamphetamine

2. Anthony Michael Blessing – evading arrest

3. Luis Alberto Lopez – assault family violence

4. Eileen Rena Rogers – possession of cocaine (drug-free zone)

5. Amy Alaniz – possession of methamphetamine

6. Fernando Alcala – aggravated assault (one prior)

7. Johnny Ray Stokes – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine, 3rd count tamper with evidence (two priors)

8. Gelberto Ruiz aka Gilberto Ruiz – possession of methamphetamine (two priors)

9. Crysta Michelle Lancaster – possession of methamphetamine

10. Daniel Ray – driving while intoxicated with a child, 2nd count criminal mischief

11. Clint Michael Sampey – assault family violence (two priors)

12. Chad Joe Jowers – theft (enhanced) (two state jail priors)

13. Niccolus Moses – burglary of a habitation (two counts)

14. Fernando Casillas-Cisneros – injury to an elderly individual (three paragraphs) (one prior)

15. Shawn Murphy – burglary of a habitation

16. James Roche – possession of heroin

17. Dylan Todd – theft

18. Kanyoni Sedekiya – aggravated robbery, 2nd count robbery

19. Keilyn Taymon Batts – possession of a prohibited weapon (one prior)

20. Kiana Crain – endanger a child

21. Kevin Harris – endanger a child

22. Jeremy Mitchell Moreno – forgery

23. Brittany Nichole Fortune aka Brittany Nichole Wood – forgery

24. Gary Lee Kennedy – debit card abuse

25. Kaleen Johnson – injury to a child (three paragraphs)

26. Michael Deon Thompson – possession of heroin

27. Michael Darius Payne – aggravated robbery, 2nd count robbery

28. Chazsman Chapell Small – aggravated robbery, 2nd count robbery

29. Douglas Jerome Sims – aggravated robbery, 2nd count robbery (one prior) & unlawful possession of firearm by felon

30. Jamar Jerome Sims – aggravated robbery, 2nd count robbery

31. Enrique Moreno Munoz – driving while intoxicated

32. Jeffery Ryan Smith – driving while intoxicated

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