2 Big Country school districts closed due to flu, stomach bug

Students in Eastland ISD and Santa Anna ISD will get an unexpected four-day weekend.

Both school districts will be closed tomorrow and Friday because of widespread absences due to the flu, stomach bug and flu-like viruses.

Eastland ISD Superintendent Jason Cochran said 15 percent of their 1,160 students and a “large portion” of their staff are out sick.

“We have reached the threshold in which the best decision is to close campus for two days as we sterilize the environment and separate the students from one another as best as possible in hopes of decreasing the spread of infection,” said Cochran.

District officials in Santa Anna ISD said they have 48 students absent with flu and flu-like illnesses. That is 18-percent of their student body.

The district also encouraged parents and students to read the CDC’s guidelines for preventing the flu.

Last week, Rotan ISD and Hermleigh ISD closed for the same reason.

Earlier this week, Abilene ISD said its flu-related absences had tripled.

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