2 Texas police officers rescue disabled man, 2 others from burning home

Two Texas police officers rescue disabled man, two others from burning home. (Eastland Fire Department)

EASTLAND, Texas (KTXS) - Two Eastland police officers are being praised for their heroic actions after helping save three people from a house fire.

Officers Kolton Preston and Kevin Willis were the first to arrive Wednesday morning at the fire in the 200 block of South Connellee Street.

The front porch was on fire and four people were still in the house.

As firefighters arrived, both officers rushed into the house.

While inside, the fire engulfed the living room and front bedroom – filling the house with smoke, according to the police department.

One of the four people ran out.

Preston pushed the man in his wheelchair “through the fire and out the front door,” said the police department in a news release.

Willis then helped two women get out.

The police department said the victims suffered minor burns.

Preston was burned on his arm and the top of his head. He was treated for those burns and smoke inhalation at Eastland Memorial Hospital.

“The Eastland Police Department would like to commend Officer Preston and Officer Willis for their courageous actions in saving the residents,” said the police department in a news release.

The fire department said an electric wheelchair charging on the front porch overheated, catching the porch on fire.

The family does not have insurance, according to the fire department.

The Red Cross is assisting the victims.

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