Local runners competing in Monday's Boston Marathon

David Lynn

Eight runners from the KTXS viewing area are heading out to Boston for what is considered to be the "Super Bowl of Running."

On Monday morning, approximately 30,000 runners will make their way to the starting line at the 122nd Boston Marathon, five of whom will be Charlette Squyres, Lauren Long, David Lynn, Gina Mordica and Daniel Brown, who are all residents of Abilene.

Lynn will be running in the Boston Marathon for the fourth time, Squyres and Mordica will be competing in their second Boston Marathon and Long is going to be making her debut in the Boston Marathon.

"I just don't really know what to expect," said Long.

The eight local runners have been training for the marathon by running up to 70 miles a week.

"The Boston Marathon is the 'Super Bowl of Running'," said Lynn.

However, no amount of training can properly prepare the local runners for what Mother Nature is expected to throw their way on the day of the race.

"There is a 90 to 100 percent chance of pouring rain, up to 35 mph wind gusts and the possible accumulation of an inch of rain while we're running," said Squyres.

According to the Boston Athletic Association, racing conditions were overcast and rainy in 2015, but the race's competitors have not seen the kind of weather that they are expected to be facing on race day since that year.

Despite the anticipated inclement weather conditions, all of the local runners are looking forward to racing against some of the best runners in the world.

In addition to the five runners from Abilene, Candace Matthies of Snyder, Trista Box of San Angelo and Jessica Head of Goldthwaite will also be competing in this year's edition of the Boston Marathon.

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