8 dogs poisoned at Colorado City animal rescue ranch

Larry is a two-year-old black lab who was unsteady and disoriented just hours after being poisoned at an animal rescue ranch in Colorado City.

"And it was unusual. Then, we took a closer inspection [and] we realized that they were unable to walk," said Jillian Raughton, the founder of Pets Needing Parents Rescue in Colorado City.

Raughton said that on December 29, someone illegally entered the animal rescue ranch's location on I-20 and poisoned several of their dogs' water dishes with a bag of ant and flea killer that is used on lawns.

"We do feel this was intentionally done because we did find the ant poison granules actually in the water bucket," said Raughton.

Out of the eight dogs that were poisoned, one of them, a Siberian Husky named Sara, died.

Four other dogs that were poisoned have already recovered and three other dogs are still receiving medical care and could potentially have some permanent adverse health effects from being poisoned.

"They are not out of the clear, we are trying to put weight back on them. Like I said, these dogs seized for over 24 hours," said Raughton.

The Colorado City animal rescue ranch is looking to find out who poisoned their dogs and they are offering a $1,000 reward for any tips that lead to the apprehension of the culprit.

"It's been a long shot, but we're just gonna see if somebody out there knows information," said Raughton.

The Mitchell County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that they are investigating the poisoning incident that occurred at Pets Needing Parents Rescue.

Anybody who might have any information about the poisoning of the dogs is directed to contact the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office at 325-728-5261.

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