Abilene City Council seeks contract for building of new Law Enforcement Center

Construction on the new Law Enforcement Center at the old Kmart location in Abilene may begin soon if the Abilene City Council executes a construction contract on Thursday.

If the Abilene City Council decides to move forward with the contract, construction on the new Law Enforcement Center could begin as soon as next Monday.

The Law Enforcement Center construction project will take about 11 months to be completed.

According to Director of Capital Improvements Wayne Lisenbee, the Abilene Police Department will be able to move into the new Law Enforcement Center by the summer of 2019.

"Within the Kmart facility, we are going to have five municipal facilities,” said Lisenbee. “We're going to have obviously the LEC for the police department, the Child Advocacy Center will have their own location and 911 dispatch is going to have a new facility, (along with) the Abilene Municipal Court and the Abilene Municipal Service Center."

Thursday's Abilene City Council meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. at Abilene City Hall.

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