Abilene ISD receives 'B' rating from the TEA

School districts across Texas are now receiving letter grades just like the students that they teach.

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The Texas Education Agency announced school district accountability ratings on Wednesday morning.

School districts are now receiving letter grades ranging from A to F and individual school campuses are still receiving a ‘Met Standard or ‘Improvement Required’ rating.

As a school district, Abilene ISD received a score of 85, which is a solid B in terms of a letter grade, and all but one of AISD's schools received a 'Met Standard’ rating.

“We did have one campus that received [an] ‘Improvement Required’ [rating], and that was Reagan Elementary,” AISD Superintendent Dr. David Young said.

Reagan Elementary School received an overall score of 56.

Young told KTXS News that multiple factors played a part in that score.

“One of the things that impacted Reagan is they had some particular student groups that did very, very well last year,” said Young. “So when that bar is raised that far, to compare yourself to that with a different cohort of kids is sometimes not favorable.”

Last year, all of AISD's schools were in the "Met Standard" category.

Reagan Elementary School will have a consultant come in and work with a campus improvement team to help develop a plan to get them to where they need to be in terms of academic performance.

Overall, Young said that he is pleased with how the district has performed academically.

Wylie ISD received an overall grade of A and Brownwood ISD received an overall grade of C.

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