Cisco woman places ‘blessing box’ downtown for those in need


A Cisco woman is making sure those in need have a meal to eat by placing a "blessing box" downtown.

If you drive through downtown Cisco, you'll pass a pavilion next to the Conrad N. Hilton Center. Underneath it is a blessing box full of necessities.

Cisco native Kathleen Alexander Watson is the woman behind the blessing box.

"I just don't have anything I like to do, you know, so I thought well I've got to have something to do," Watson said, "so I just decided to start this [blessing box]. I know there are people in need, and I just really like and enjoy helping people."

The blessing box is meant for the less fortunate to grab food, clothes or toiletries if they need it at any time. She encourages those wanting to help to leave items they think someone may need in the box. The Conrad N. Hilton Center will also hold any donations for the blessing box.

Watson hopes people continue to spread the word so those who need it know where to find the blessing box. With the help from her daughter’s Facebook post, it's been shared almost 400 times.

On top of this project, Watson wants to keep giving by starting a coat drive.

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