Clyde Elementary School finds special way to honor teacher battling cancer


    Clyde Elementary School is showing their support for one of their teachers who has cancer.

    Many students and staff members at Clyde Elementary School wore hats and t-shirts in support of Shannon Barnett, who was diagnosed with leukemia last year.

    Barnett has taken a leave of absence to receive treatment for her leukemia and is working to get better so that she can return to teaching her class.

    "She helped me learn a lot of things and if she was here right now, I'd go and give her a big hug," said Clyde Elementary School student Cooper Miller.

    "She is like a really good teacher when I had her in kindergarten because she taught me how to read," said Luke Townsend, another student.

    Even though the students at Clyde Elementary School have not seen much of Barnett lately, the school has started a fundraiser called "BALL CAPS for BARNETT!"

    The premise of the fundraiser is that students can donate a dollar and wear a hat each Friday, and so far, the school has raised $200 from it.

    "Helping out with groceries or a light bill or child care or something like that," said Clyde Elementary School Principal Kim Jones.

    The idea for the fundraiser came from a group of first and second grade students called the Student Lighthouse Team.

    "They created the posters and came up with flyers that were copied and sent home," Jones said. "They have done all of that and we are very fortunate to have such a great student leader team."

    Teachers also showed their support for Barnett by wearing a special brown and orange t-shirt honoring her.

    "She uplifts us," said several teachers at Clyde Elementary School. "Absolutely. In her struggles, she's amazing, she's strong."

    The school has also placed bulletin boards and photos of Barnett throughout the school so that students can always see her.

    "She helped me a lot, like really my name, because I used to do my 'E's' so bad and she helped me, so it really made me happy to do it now," said Ellie Stinson, another student.

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