Grandmother of inmate who killed Abilene corrections officers testifies during sentencing

The video deposition of Dillion Compton's grandmother was played Tuesday in court.

"You can't give up on someone you love," Erma Lewis said.

Her grandson was found guilty of capital murder for the death of Abilene corrections officer Marianne Johnson.

Lewis was unable to travel to Jones County to testify in the sentencing phase due to health issues.

The video deposition was conducted Aug. 10.

Defense attorney Jenny Henley told Lewis that they were going to "assume the worst" in the deposition since it took place before the trial.

"There are only two options for your grandchild - to spend the rest of his life in prison or be sentenced to death," Henley said.

"Do you believe Dillion has something positive to offer to society?" said Henley.

"Yes," replied Lewis.

The three hours of testimony took the jury through Compton's abused and neglected childhood.

Lewis described Compton's living conditions as "filthy" when he was living with his mother, Jennifer Compton.

"His hair was long, he looked like he was hungry," said Lewis.

Compton went to live with Lewis at the age of 6. Lewis told the jury that he has issues with hoarding food.

She said when Compton moved in, he had no bags or boxes.

Henley spoke with Lewis about Compton's accomplishments while serving a 25-year-sentence for aggravated assault of a child 14-years-old or younger.

Compton completed his GED among taking other classes.

When Lewis was asked if she still loved Compton she replied, "yes, very much so."

Lewis spoke about how Compton sang in church choir and was taught to be a Christian boy.

The sentencing phase continues Wednesday.

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