Hawley teacher takes on YouTube star in rap parody

Matt Preston

A Hawley teacher is taking on a YouTube star.

Matt Preston, who teaches inclusion at Hawley High School , saw Jake Paul's video titled "My Teachers," during Teacher Appreciation Week.

But, it did not make him feel appreciated.

The video -- which trashes teachers -- starts with a lyric that says "I'm a millionaire, but I didn't use nothin' in my life that my teachers taught me."

"As a teacher myself, I just kinda felt the need to respond," Preston told KTXS.

So, Preston posted a parody of Paul's rap on his own YouTube channel (1,855 subscribers compared to Paul's 15 million)


The lyrics include drops like:

"Don't be dissin me just because your teacher was whack."

"Some of these kids see me more than their own dad. So just because you show up on their screen don't belittle my influence and ability to intervene."

"I don't see Jake Paul in the hallway. I don't see him in the stands at their ball games. But I'm here, like every day bro. So how you gonna dis me with that Disney Channel flow."

Preston's video already has 88,000 views. But, it has a long way to go to catch Paul's "My Teachers" video which has been viewed 4.8 million times.

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