Heavy police presence in Jones County as murder trial begins

    Dusty Childress

    There was heavy police and DPS presence at the Jones County Courthouse Wednesday as a murder trial began.

    Wesley Dale Mason is on trial for the murder of Abilene man, Dusty Childress.

    In March 2017, Childress was shot multiple times on County Road 341 just east of the Abilene Environmental Landfill.

    The shooter is believed to be Mason, who is known to have ties with the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

    Testimonies began Wednesday morning, and a chilling 911 call was played in the courtroom.

    On the call, a woman was heard screaming and crying, one witness calling her emotionally distraught. According to two witnesses that took the stand, the woman on the call was Childress' wife.

    Kim Pamplin, one of the witnesses, was driving close to the scene when the incident occurred. He claimed that he heard the woman scream, “This is my husband!" She reportedly performed CPR on the victim.

    According to Richard Bernard, a second witness, claimed that Childress was found unconscious, lying on his back with his eyes open.

    During the trial, the jury was shown photos taken by Pamplin. The photos showed several shell casings and cigarettes in the road, as well as the blue pickup truck that the shooter was seen leaving the scene in.

    Bernard stated in court that he saw a man pump a shotgun three times, but was unable to identify the shooter as a person present in the courtroom.

    Bernard claimed that the man he saw may not have been the shooter as he did not get a good look at him when he fled the scene.

    According to both witnesses, a blue pickup was seen quickly leaving the scene and heading north.

    Pamplin stated that Dusty Childress' motorcycle was laying in the middle of the road, along with his "kinfolk" vest. "Kinfolk" is the name of the motorcycle club he was involved with.

    Richard Bernard was reportedly headed down County Road 341 when he arrived on the scene. According to Bernard, Dusty was not seen shooting back at the suspect.

    Neither witness got a good look at the shooter, and both men reported feeling scared knowing the suspect was armed.

    The only description of the shooter given was from Bernard. He claimed that the suspect was a white male between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall, with a heavy build and short hair.

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