Inspection records: chlorine levels at some Abilene pools meet minimum standards


    As high temperatures hit the Big Country, many people are swimming in pools to cool off.

    KTXS News decided to look at the most recent inspections for Abilene’s popular pools by submitting an open records request.

    The Health Services Director for the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District told KTXS News that all of the city's 150 pools and spas are clean.

    "The bragging point here is when the health inspectors come out, they tell us we have the cleanest pool in Abilene," Jennifer Evans, the pool manager for the Abilene Country Club, said. "A lot of that has to do with how many people we have come out."

    The Abilene Country Club is a private pool, but one of the several pools that KTXS News obtained records for last week.

    The pH and chlorine levels of all pools are inspected four times a year, according to the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District.

    "Citizens could complain about a particular pool and [we'll] take immediate action," Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District Health Services Director Santos Navarrette said. "We'll go within 24 hours to check out that pool."

    Below is a list of the most recent chlorine levels recorded at four of Abilene’s most popular pools:

    Adventure Cove - Leisure Pool 0.8, Lazy River 0.8

    Abilene Country Club - Swim Club 1.2, Dive Pool 1.2

    YMCA Indoor Pool - State Street 1, Redbud Park 1.7

    Wylie Swim Club - 1

    Chlorine is a chemical that kills bacteria in water.

    The inspection records show that some of Abilene pools were shut down for several hours because the chlorine levels were too low, and Adventure Cove was one example of that scenario.

    Navarrette said that all of the city's pools are well-maintained and the issue of low chlorine levels at Adventure Cove was quickly fixed.

    "It is not a long-term issue," Navarrette said of Adventure Cove. "It's making sure that the pool has the proper chlorine to kill the bacteria."

    Evans said that there is a correct chemical balance that pools should have.

    "You want to stay between a 7.2 and a 7.6 for your pH, and for chlorine, you want to stay anywhere between a one and a three," Evans said.

    KTXS News reached out to the other pools that were referenced in the story, but they either declined to comment or were not available to speak about their situations.

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