Man with ties to Bandidos found guilty of murder in shooting death of Abilene man


    A jury found Wesley Dale Mason guilty of murder in the shooting death of an Abilene man.

    Mason -- who has ties to the Bandidos gang -- shot and killed Dusty Childress in March 2017 on County Road 341, just east of the Abilene Environmental Landfill.

    The jury deliberated for about an hour and 45 minutes.

    Mason has asked the jury to decide his sentence.

    Court will reconvene at 2:20 p.m.

    During closing arguments on Thursday, the defense argued evidence found at the scene could have been blown away or moved by strong winds.

    They also questioned the two cell phones police said they found at the scene. The defense argued there were not pictures showing where the phones were found.

    The defense also tried to diminish Childress' character by saying he lied to his wife.

    The prosecution replayed Childress' 911 call for the jury.

    They asked if the jury believe the man on the phone or do you believe Mason?

    KTXS will let you know when the jury makes a decision on the sentence.

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