Judge declares Brown County disaster area


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brown County Judge Ray West has issued a declaration of disaster because of widespread storm damage.

West submitted a request to Gov. Greg Abbott requesting financial assistance for repairs.


The declaration says Brown County suffered "widespread and severe damage, injury and loss of property resulting from extreme flooding."

Phyllis Sellers was finally able to leave her daughter's apartment complex Wednesday to view the water rushing down the Pecan Bayou. She was barricaded in the apartment since Monday night.

"The water got up too high on the road and we couldn't get out," Sellers said. "They warned us about it and told us, nobody leaves and nobody comes in."

Brownwood City Manager Emily Crawford said the Pecan Bayou began to subside Wednesday.

"As we can, we are removing barricades and opening up streets that have been flooded," she said. "We are keeping a close eye on water levels so that if they increase again, we'll be able to get those closed."

The water that once filled the entirety of Riverside Park, which sits adjacent to the Pecan Bayou, has gone down.

Brown County Emergency Management Coordinator Mechail Cox said she is working with the county judge to ensure the county gets state and federal help.

"We have to assess the damage," Cox said.

Cox said Wednesday the county didn't have an estimate on how much it will costs to repair damaged roads, businesses, and homes yet.

West issued a disaster declaration saying he has determined "extraordinary measures must be taken to alleviate damage to property, and to protect and rehabilitate property."

The state of disaster, West said, will continue for seven days from Saturday's date of declaration.

The declaration activates the county's Emergency Management Plan.

Brown County joins Callahan County, which did so earlier this week, in declaring a disaster.

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